How to improve business management costs thanks to Facility Management

How to improve business management costs thanks to Facility Management

The management costs of the real estate assets of each company represent the second or third category of corporate costs. Today business costs optimization has become an obligatory choice and Facility Management is the most advanced answer for controlling costs related to real estate assets management.

Some benefits of hiring a Facilty manager for a company:

  • concentration of resources on its core business;
  • optimization of plant and infrastructure management costs;
  • process rationalization and cost optimization;
  • implementation of rational energy management and consumption containment programs.
  • Management costs and facility management

From an administrative point of view, management costs are divided into 2 categories: extraordinary maintenance costs and current operating costs.

Extraordinary maintenance costs, or development costs, refer to all interventions and activities aimed at eliminating the degradation of plants and structures due to the use, regulatory changes, and the advent of technological innovation. Very often, however, these costs are subjected to cuts and it is useless to deny how this situation can be a sort of obstacle for the Facility manager to the proper performance of his job.
Extraordinary maintenance must be seen as a great opportunity to be able to project work spaces (ergonomics) and technological systems (energy saving) into the future.

Current costs of operational management concern all the costs necessary for the daily operation of the buildings. From this point of view, the fundamental task of the Facility Manager is to prevent breakdown by planning activities aimed at safeguarding real estate and technology.

To achieve this goal, a methodology must be implemented that includes several steps, such as:

  • A careful analysis, monitoring and census of the buildings and installations present;
  • The definition of a specific plan of planned activities to be carried out during the year, with intervention and transparency reports by the Facility Management company;
  • Preparation of a redevelopment plan for the building and the systems with planning over time and the related economic budget.
  • This evolution leads to indisputable economic advantages consisting of the expected savings on future costs.

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