About the role and the importance of the Facility Manager

About the role and the importance of the Facility Manager

What does it do and what is the role of the Facility Manager?

The role of the Facility Manager is to supervise and optimize all the services and facilities (or structures) of a company.
The most important responsibility is undoubtedly the management of all those services connected to the building and to the real estate assets of a company.

For this purpose, the Facility Manager must not only supervise the condition and maintenance of the structures, but for example, will have to check and draw up operating procedures and maintenance plans and check the results.

The Facility Manager therefore deals with the management of buildings and their facilities and services:
– supervision of the premises to ensure the safety of workers;
– maintenance services and contracts;
– telephony services and contracts, networks, electricity, gas, water, lighting, cleaning, catering, concierge, control and custody.

The development and planning of the company’s real estate assets will become a business critical aspect, which requires reliable skills.

The mission of the Facility Manager is to increase the productivity of the company, rationalizing costs, improving its efficiency in the various areas of intervention and helping the company management in the planning and revision of essential services. The Facility Manager must therefore ensure the correct functioning of all services, first of all eliminating inefficiencies and waste.

At the same time the Facility Manager should focus its activities on the development of all real estate assets, at the lowest possible cost. This can obviously imply the renegotiation of supply and procurement contracts, the adoption of new strategies and solutions to reduce costs, and so on.

Why contact Facility Management professionals?
As previously seen, the role of the Facility Manager encompasses transversal and absolutely strategic tasks for business. Often, however, different activities or tasks are distributed in different business functions (administration, production, HR…) with the result that the “routine” activities for an experienced Facility Manager are relegated as “secondary”. But interviews and market researches prove Facility Managers’ tasks, already today, impact too much on the budget: there is a risk of underestimating the need for specific activities on the management of real estate assets.

Hiring Facility Management consultants it’s not only profitable but a must for companies that need to make real estate assets and utilities more efficient.

Through the optimization and management of Facility Management services, BumaQ guarantees its customers the reduction of service costs, protection of the value of real estate assets and maintenance of the efficiency of buildings and plants.

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